Watercolor Illusions by Bobbi Price







Bobbi Price

Watercolor Illusions by Bobbi Price

Murrieta, CA



My name is Bobbi and I am an artist living in Southern California. I have loved art since I was little, and was always drawing and painting. I have taken classes through the years, but my biggest inspiration has come from my aunt who is a wonderful watercolorist, and used to paint for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. Nothing makes me happier than to be in my studio, creating and doing what I love. There is so much beauty all around us, and love being able to reproduce it with my art. I have been in numerous competions locally and on the internet and my art has recieved many awards. I do commisions on request, and I would be happy to paint something for you.

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Looking Up by Bobbi Price


Summer Garden by Bobbi Price


Changing Colors by Bobbi Price


Candy Cane Christmas by Bobbi Price


Hanging with Mom by Bobbi Price


Jack by Bobbi Price


On The Rocks by Bobbi Price


Lost Souls by Bobbi Price


The Red Barn by Bobbi Price


Slippery When Wet by Bobbi Price


Mr Cardinal by Bobbi Price


Waiting on the Girls by Bobbi Price


Pretty in Purple by Bobbi Price


Sue's Poppies by Bobbi Price


Vine ripened by Bobbi Price


Red Flutes and Pears by Bobbi Price


Morning Sunshine by Bobbi Price


Stained Glass Pears by Bobbi Price


Christmas Traditions by Bobbi Price


Nightlights by Bobbi Price


Pink Dawn by Bobbi Price


Long Forgotten by Bobbi Price


Sunny Day Geraniums by Bobbi Price


Shadow Play by Bobbi Price


Philippi Bridge by Bobbi Price